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One postcard, ten perspectives

Dernière mise à jour : 1 mai 2020

Text written during a "Creative writing and well-being" course at the Hurst in Shropshire


The world is colour and so are its pictograms

For a visual such as me, a delight - always


International language for international travellers

Is a bus always a bus?


What time does the plane take off?

Where are the escalators?

When is the post-box emptied?

Why do the arrows point in the same direction?


Plane, aereo, Flug, samaliot, avion, avion

Car, machina, Auto, machina, voiture, coche

Bike, bicicleta, Fahrrad, velosipied, bicliclette, bicicleta

Arrow, freccia, Pfeil, strelia, flèche, fleche


No time to day dream, read the signs and keep moving


Mosaic of signs, colours and meanings,

Mosaic of life, movements, people


I packed my suit case and went to the airport by bus. I took the shuttle to my terminal and the escalators to the lounge. Then I remembered I had not posted my envelope! I followed the arrow back downstairs keeping an eye on the clock!


One colour to the next my eyes flick. I have started my trip!


Movement always, where has stillness gone?

Maybe I could just pause and close my eyes for a while?


Life: a multiple facet journey full of endless escalators and arrows like thorns

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